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Singing Lessons

Singing lessons at Aspire Dance Arts are available for students ages 6 and older. Lessons are comprised of 30 minute one on one sessions with our vocal instructor. Aspire Dance Arts will work directly with the student's parents to schedule the lessons in a convenient manner around their other scheduled classes. Upon registering, students will pick a day/time and will begin with a 4 class package. Their scheduled day/time for their lessons will be reserved for them as long as they continue their weekly lessons.


Lessons will take place in our state of the art vocal room, sound proofed for the comfort of the singer inside. Students will receive a flash drive with recordings and pertinent material for their lessons as well as sheet music, and a weekly progress indicator. 

Our singing lessons cover everything from vocal posture and technique to performing, helping each student build their confidence and their skill set to be able to apply their voice to the different genres of singing required in today's demanding industry. Students will have the opportunity to perform in the showcase pending the instructor's approval. 



Singing lessons can be scheduled on a weekly basis and are priced with discounted rates available for booking multiple sessions. The following are the prices:

3 Month (min) Monthly Rate: $90 billed on the 1st of the month 


Four half hour lessons= $110

Eight half hour lessons= $215

Twelve half hour lessons= $300

**Email to discuss available times for lessons or register online!

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